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George Bush Law offers a mediation process as an alternative to a traditional legal approach.  That process involves the parties working with impartial mediator(s), without providing legal advice, to arrive at a resolution.  This is an ideal method, for example, to arrive at a Separation Agreement, avoiding court intervention in deciding the parties' matters. 

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Regardless of the legal issue, whether criminal defense, a divorce, or a ticket, GBL will pursue justice for each client.  GBL will seek the truth of the matter and ensure fairness on behalf of all clients.

gbl is a multi-disciplined law firm.  The firm's mission is to provide personalized legal services, tailored to the client's needs, including traditional representation in legal matters, Risk Management consulting and mediation services.


George Bush is an experienced  attorney, a former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent, a retired Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Lieutenant, and a lecturer.  Additionally, he has had formal training and experience  in Risk Management and Mediation. 

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Risk Management consult

GBL offers consultation to police agencies in matters of risk management.  The scope of consultation may range from simple audits to recommendations for the creation of a fundamental to a complex Risk Management System.